Regular Chimney Sweeping
Regular chimney sweeping is important to help prevent chimney
fires and reduce the risk of dangerous carbon monoxide emmisions.

The Dangers
FIRES: There are at least 35,000 reported chimney fires a
year in the UK.
CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING: 32% of all CARBON MONOXIDE deaths in the UK are solid fuel related. 37% are NATURAL GAS.
CO gas is odourless and tasteless, you won’t know when it is present.
It can kill or maim without warning in a matter of hours.

How often should my chimney be cleaned?

About us
With over 15 years experience in the chimney industry Black Cat Chimney Services are qualified and committed to sweep and inspect chimneys and flues in a clean, efficient, safe and compliant manner.
We are fully insured and members of the guild of master sweeps.

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Areas covered
Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Ayrshire and surrounding areas.

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