As a retired couple our main concern was the lack of interest on our ISA, having opted for the managed solution we own two holiday apartments in Brazil and receive annual rental income of 9% of the original investment, if we was to sell the apartments today we would make 25% over the original price – we are very happy with our new income and would like to personally thank Bradevco for organizing everything and we have quote marksrecommended the service to our friends and family. 
Mr and Mrs Thomas,
West Sussex

               Having two older children commencing university shortly we have switched out of our savings accounts and into the Brazil 3 year certificate, the monthly interest payments  means we do not have to touch our capital any more and we quote markscan pay our children a monthly allowance.
Mr and Mrs Toldridge, Manchester

               Belonging to a  property consortium, we have been extremely happy with the service we have received from Bradevco, they have assisted us with making some strategic land acquisitions and we are currently underway with our first joint venture – a 30 storey Apartment block, Bradevco have made it all possible with there extensive Brazilian network of estate agents, quote markspartnerships and track record.  
Mr Andrews.
Durham Constructors


































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