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All the work is designed and coded by myself

Ant lavelle Logo

Alternative Investments A site I designed and coded
Permit to Work A design for BA for a client coded in html and css and some of the other pages.
page 2 - page 3 - page 4 - page 5 - page 6 - page 7 - page 8 - Welcome
Comfortable Homes A design for a client
Executive Assistant Site A pure css accordian site using latest css technologies
Par Analytics A design process completed in photoshop which I coded up in html and css.
Mad House Logo Some different ideas for a logo i created
Insaitable Moon Mailing Build of a QubeSeven email design
eBook Site Design This is our own template using the latest CSS 3 technologies
Capital Markets Events A events website that was worked in colabration with Ben Duckworth and myself and corp actions 2011
Merry Monk A website design and build that was constructed for the Merry Monk Pub in the West of Ireland
Template Design Required to code a template
Wow Thank You Email designs - design 1 - design 2
4th Row For this site, I coded the html and css
Moby Memory I redesigned this site and implemented the changes in html and css.
Badevco site Site designed and constructed for a client in Brazil
Free Easy Bets Design of a banner
Teknological Music This was a personal project i created a few years ago now in shockwave.
It was about presenting dance music to people who didn't appeal to it but also to those it did. You can download all the files here (its a biggie - but worth it!)
GLASGOW This is the company website I designed and constructed.
Email designs Some of the email designs
virtual A email marketing site aimed at businesses sending out to their own data lists.
Merchant Interactive A site for a stockbrokers
Merchant Capital Email Marketing Some samples of the work for Mercant Capital
Black Cat Sweeps A presence for a sweep company
Labour Force Logo A few designs
eSplash A website designed and constructed for graphic design firm.
Sun Newspaper Online mock ups This was designing content for the Mystic meg section, on the Sun newspaper website.
Ecommerce mock up I was asked to create a mock up for a office supplies site
CIPFA I updated the .cfm pages and CMS on this site. Also soley constructed CETC site.
Art of Computing      
Art of I designed the logo and various print materials,
the intranet site (version 1 and version 2)
Labour Template System User Guide Userguide for the Labour Template System. It was created in Macromedia Flash.
Digital Asset Management User Guide Userguide for the DAM for Carphone Warehouse. It was created in Macromedia Captivate, which exports flash files.
Template System Designs for the Template System which originated from the Work done for the Labour Party
Design 1 and design 2
Dargan Springs A Retreat site in the Blue Mountains. This is the live site now that has had some changes.
KAC Adventures A site for Katoomba Adventure Centre also in the Blue Mountains, including a gallery. I also designed the logo and business cards.
BMB A hostel site for Blue Mountains Backpackers Hostel in Katoomba
Head A pitch for the redesign of the Head site
A pitch for the redesign of the QSP site ( a company that provide internet solutions to make workflow more efficient)
First Designs | Second Designs | Mock ups (html & flash)
Mitsubishi Graphical production work on a flash based site
MacDonalds exhibition loop Flash presentation to be shown at an exhibition in Chicago
     Concept 1 The idea with this concept was that you could either spend 5 minutes or an hour on the site depending on how much time you had
New Woman Some screen grabs from the New Woman site before it was redesigned
FHM Some features from the FHM site before it was redesigned
     Boddingtons This was a competition that was ran for a number of weeks
     Doormat or Dictator An interactive quiz
     FHM Pub Award A survey of pubs that users could submit