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The Merchant Interactive Trading Platform is your doorway to the World's markets at lower trading costs. It will enable you to trade Options, Futures, Foreign Exchange and Stocks in over 80 Market centres across the Globe.


Get electronic access to market centers worldwide with Merchant Interactive's Online Trader. Use BookTrader for single-click order transmission from the deep book data; trade baskets, ETFs, combinations and spreads using our specialised trading modules; take advantage of our integrated technical, fundamental and price/risk analytics tools. Merchant Interactive allows you to choose from over 40 order types to address any trading strategy; execute using an algorithm, which continually seeks price improvement - all at lower trading costs, realized through ultra low commissions, lower margin financing costs and higher interest paid on balances.


Merchant Interactive provides specialised options trading tools, high-powered option and portfolio analytics and low commissions.


Multiple large forex dealers. In addition, Merchant Interactive's FXTrader is specifically designed for Forex traders and completely customizable.

Futures & Options

Ultra low commissions and the ability to trade multiple products on market centers around the world all from a single screen.